Kids' Sale Clothing, Shoes & Accessories


Explore our collection of kids' clothing, shoes and accessories now on sale. With super-soft materials, durable design and classroom-ready style, PUMA's gear for kids is made to move with them.
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Turin II AC Toddler Shoes 191241225656 2.5 2 5 1
Enzo Training Shoes JR 190275155045 5.0 11 5 1
$39.99 $60.00
Carson 2 Iridescent Little Kids' Shoes 193524273200
PUMA Wired Sneakers JR 191241279369
Pure Jogger SL Little Kids' Shoes 192341191087
Turin II AC Toddler Shoes 192340929926 2.5 2 5 1
Emergence Little Kids' Shoes 192341843245
NRGY Neko Knit Shoes PS 192341180227
Scuderia Ferrari Kart Cat III Little Kids' Shoes 192340919330
Carson 2 Iridescent Toddler Shoes 193524273408
Emergence Little Kids' Shoes 192341843290
ST Activate Sneakers PS 192340880258
Rebel Boys' Hooded Jacket JR 192341444930
Square Backpack 191241129435 5.0 1 5 1
$24.99 $42.00
Tune Cat 3 AC Toddler Shoes 889181312818 4.3 7 5 1
PUMA Rebound LayUp Mid Sneakers JR 192341198826
AC Milan Puma ONE Ball 191242914092
Carson 2 Metallic Mesh Toddler Shoes 193524272661
Suede AC Toddler Shoes 887120243148 4.5 37 5 1
PUMA Vikky v2 Glitz AC Sneakers PS 192341176381
Rebel Boys' Sweatpants JR 192341444688
CELL Phase Sneakers JR 719636611091
PUMA Rebound LayUp Lo Sneakers JR 192341157595
ST Activate Sneakers PS 192340918111
Scuderia Ferrari Kart Cat III Little Kids' Shoes 192340886113
PUMA Wired Little Kids' Shoes 191241279253
PUMA Smash v2 Butterfly AC Toddler Shoes 192340914595
Turin II Sneakers JR 191241222884
NRGY Neko Knit Shoes PS 192341180418
Scuderia Ferrari Kart Cat III Toddler Shoes 192340898338
PUMA Smash v2 Confetti AC Shoes PS 192341053187
ST Runner v2 AC Shoes INF 191241298605
PUMA Smash v2 Butterfly AC Toddler Shoes 192340901168
PUMA Rebound LayUp Lo Little Kids' Shoes 192341157793
Pure Jogger SL Sneakers JR 192341189442
Scuderia Ferrari Kart Cat III Toddler Shoes 192340876084

Kids’ Clothes, Shoes and Accessories on Sale

Shop PUMA Kids’ Sale for the best deals on some of our best kids’ styles. They’re growing fast, so you need clothes and shoes that can keep up with them. Find everything from comfy tees, socks and shoes to special collabs with Sesame Street, Minions and more for kids of all ages.

Our clothes for kids are designed with comfort in mind. Flexible, breathable materials and classic styles like tees, shorts, sweatpants and tracksuits give them the freedom to choose their own style. Leggings for girls get them moving and stretching and our fleece hoodies and jackets are the perfect layers for colder days.

Get them geared up with our accessories for kids. Stylish school-ready backpacks and gym bags will have them ready for class and after school activities in peak style. Classic baseball caps and beanies are perfect for afternoon games and recess. Our sports gear for kids like shin guards, soccer balls and soccer tees will have them dominating the field.

When every day is a new opportunity to play and explore, PUMA’s shoes for kids offer cushioning, comfort and school-ready style. Our classic lifestyle shoes like the Suede and California will have them hitting the hallways in style while ultra-cushioned training shoes and soccer cleats will have them performing and playing at their best. Explore newly marked down running and lifestyle shoes for kids for every occasion.