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Stand out in the streets with our collection of men's pants. From the gym to the course to the couch, we've got the classic comfort and style you need to look and feel your best.
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PUMA x RHUDE Men's Track Pants 192341563259
PUMA x RHUDE AOP Men's Track Pants 192341563693
luXTG Men’s Woven Pants 192341549949
luXTG Men’s Cuffed Sweatpants 192341556671
luXTG Men’s Cuffed Sweatpants 192341556732
luXTG Men’s Woven Pants 192341549161
Chivas Men's Pro Training Pants 192341685562
Chivas Men's 3/4 Training Pants 192341218326
BMW M Motorsport Street Men's Woven Pants 192341566557
Essentials Men's Fleece Pants 191241793568 5.0 1 5 1
USD $29.99 USD $40.00
Essentials Men's Fleece Pants 191242767698 5.0 1 5 1
Essentials Men's Fleece Pants 191241793520 5.0 1 5 1
USD $29.99 USD $40.00
ftblNXT Men's Pro Pants 192341644002
ftblNXT Men's 3/4 Pants 192341677710
Essentials Men's Fleece Pants 191241793131 5.0 1 5 1
USD $29.99 USD $40.00
Collective Men's Sweatpants 192341290599
T7 Men's AOP Track Pants 192341535553
BVB Men's Pro Training Pants 192341642039
Get Fast Excite Men's Sweatpants 192341736974
Ignite Woven Pants 191241747783
USD $39.99 USD $60.00
Collective Men's Sweatpants 192341290827
Get Fast Excite Men's Sweatpants 192341736950
Collective Men's Sweatpants 192341290889
Jackpot Men’s Pants 192339230446
Jackpot Men’s Pants 192339228856
Jackpot Men’s Pants 192339230491
T7 AOP Panel Men's Track Pants 192341539353
BMW M Motorsport Men's Sweatpants 192341522430
Scuderia Ferrari Street Men's Woven Pants 192341570301
Iconic MCS Men's Track Pants 192341570523
Iconic T7 Men's Track Pants 192341560104
BMW M Motorsport Men's Sweatpants 192341522706
Scuderia Ferrari Men's Sweatpants 192341545637
BMW M Motorsport Men's T7 Track Pants 192341495987
Iconic MCS Men's Track Pants 192341556336
PUMA XTG Men's Woven Pants 192341599418
USD $49.99 USD $70.00

Men’s Pants - from Loungewear to Golf Apparel to Performance Styles

No matter what the day puts in front of you, take it on in comfort and style. Whether it’s one more repetition, the last lap around the track or the final sprint to the finish line, reach your goals while you look and feel great with PUMA men’s pants. With our wide selection of men's joggers, sweatpants, running pants and golf pants, PUMA’s innovative line has what you need to get it done without any distractions or discomfort.

Express your individuality while you kill the game. From our iconic track pants to our modern, performance-driven workout sweats, PUMA helps you give it all you’ve got. Shop men’s pants to find the perfect pair for your unique style.