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Men's Pants


Stand out in the streets with our collection of men's pants. From the gym to the course to the couch, we've got the classic comfort and style you need to look and feel your best.
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PUMA x BALR. Men's Sweatpants 193524482299
PUMA x TETRIS Men's Track Pants 193525959172
PUMA x CLOUD9 Simulation Men's Joggers 193526202703
FIGC Iconic MCS Men's Track Pants 193524760113
PUMA x LES BENJAMINS Men’s Track Pants 192341567547
PUMA x LES BENJAMINS Men’s Track Pants 192341567318
Logo AOP Pack Men's Sweatpants 193524596941
Athletics Men's Fleece Pants 192341427032
Rebel Bold Men's Sweatpants 192341370789
Iconic MCS Men's Track Pants 192341570691
Hoops Cozy Men's Sweatpants 193526070135
Amplified Men's Fleece Pants 192341412458 4.0 1 5 1
Hoops Since '73 Men's Track Pants 193526070371
Logo AOP Pack Men's Sweatpants 193524597122
PUMA Blaster Men's Pants 192341294092
PUMA XTG Men's Woven Pants 192341548508
Court Men's Sweatpants 193526069504
Evostripe Warm Men's Pants 192341294511
Collective Protect Men's Pants 192341261698
Extract Men's Colorblock Pants 193524736620
PUMA XTG Men's Sweatpants 192341603122
Rave Protect Men's Pants 192341278511
Get Fast Excite Men's Winter Pants 192341289760
Epoch Hybrid Winterized Men's Pants 192341562528
PUMA Blaster Men's Pants 192341293941
Logo AOP Pack Men's Sweatpants 193524597085
Get Fast Men's Winter Leggings 192341289074
PUMA Blaster Men's Pants 192341293408
Logo AOP Pack Men's Sweatpants 193524597047
Iconic T7 Men's Track Pants 192341525608
Hoops Press Men's Sweatpants 193526069597
Tec Sports Men's Sweatpants 192341325307
PUMA x KARL LAGERFELD Men's Track Pants 192341598046
PUMA x HELLY HANSEN Fleece Pants 193524817480
PUMA x HELLY HANSEN Fleece Pants 193524817411
Porsche Design Men's Spacer Pants 193524487577

Men’s Pants - from Loungewear to Golf Apparel to Performance Styles

No matter what the day puts in front of you, take it on in comfort and style. Whether it’s one more repetition, the last lap around the track or the final sprint to the finish line, reach your goals while you look and feel great with PUMA men’s pants. With our wide selection of men's joggers, sweatpants, running pants and golf pants, PUMA’s innovative line has what you need to get it done without any distractions or discomfort.

Express your individuality while you kill the game. From our iconic track pants to our modern, performance-driven workout sweats, PUMA helps you give it all you’ve got. Shop men’s pants to find the perfect pair for your unique style.