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Men's Clothing


You're different, you're uniquely you, and you're not afraid to show it off. Just like our collection of men's athletic wear, PUMA is dedicated to designing clothing that's not only comfortable, but made for your lifestyle.
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NU-TILITY Men's Knit Jacket 192341375388
NU-TILITY Men's Knit Jacket 192341375333
BVB Iconic MCS Men's Tee 193525059810
PUMA x RUBIK'S Men's Tee 193526449504
PUMA x RUBIK'S Men's Hoodie 193526449542
PUMA x RUBIK'S Men's AOP Tee 193526449634
PUMA x SONIC Men's Hoodie 193526393999
PUMA x SONIC Men's Graphic Tee 193526394651
Winter Classics Men's Hoodie 193525770692
Iridescent Men's Track Pants 193525770999
Iridescent Men's Track Jacket 193525770944
Iridescent Men's Sweatpants 193525769825
Iridescent Men's Knitted Jacket 193525769665
FIGC Men's Home and Away Replica Shorts 193525371639
FIGC FtblCulture Men's Crewneck Sweatshirt 193524960995
Winter Classics Men's Sweatpants 193525767432
Suisse Men's Away Replica Jersey 193525323751
FIGC Men's Away Replica Jersey 193525367588 5.0 2 5 1
Luxe Men's Graphic Tee 193524574901
PUMA x ADER ERROR Turtleneck 192341618614
PUMA x ADER ERROR Windbreaker 192341614579
PUMA x ADER ERROR T7 Track Jacket 192341608585
PUMA x ADER ERROR Crewneck Sweatshirt 192341621270
PUMA x ADER ERROR Crewneck Sweatshirt 192341621331
PUMA x ADER ERROR Men’s T7 Track Pants 192341616047
PUMA x ADER ERROR Windbreaker 192341614357
PUMA x ADER ERROR Down Puffer 192341608844
PUMA x ADER ERROR T7 Track Jacket 192341608738
PUMA x ADER ERROR Men’s T7 Track Pants 192341615880
PUMA x ADER ERROR Turtleneck 192341618829
PUMA x ADER ERROR Men’s T7 Track Pants 192341615972
PUMA x ADER ERROR Down Puffer 192341608950
Luxe Men's Track Pants 193524596057
PUMA x ADER ERROR Down Puffer 192341608745

Men’s Clothing - Everyday Style, Workout Gear, Motorsport and Soccer Apparel

You're not just a soccer player, a runner, or a weightlifter. You’re an individual with a wide range of interests and activities. That's why we've designed a whole collection of men’s athletic wear for every part of your life.

For everyday wear, browse our collection of classic tees featuring a variety of styles from bold designs and vibrant patterns to subtle tones for that effortless minimal look. For colder days, throw on a PUMA sweatshirt; the ideal combination of style and comfort that's perfect for the gym or a night out. Pair a sweatshirt with incredibly cozy men's sweatpants for a full-on streetstyle look.

Gear up with men’s athletic wear for your sport. Shop track pants made for performance and men's shorts that allow you to move however you need to. Our collection of men's jackets are inspired by sport, yet offer a sleek look that's always on trend. And for every soccer fanatic, shop your favorite team's merchandise and soccer jerseys. With a selection that's worn by some of the greatest soccer players out there, you'll be playing like your favorite players.

Whatever your style, whatever your sport, explore what makes you uniquely you PUMA’s collection of men’s clothing.