Women's Accessories


Complete your look with PUMA's collection of gym and everyday accessories. Functional backpacks, gym bags, running caps and socks get you through the day in style, comfort and ease.  
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Reset Striped Watch 796483462250
PUMA x SUE TSAI Pouch 192341850496
PUMA x SUE TSAI Cap 193524078928
PUMA x SUE TSAI Beanie 193524192761
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PUMA x SUE TSAI Backpack 192341850588
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Contour White Watch 796483461703
Contour Clear Watch 796483462199
Contour Black Watch 796483462229
Contour Black and White Watch 796483462212
Reset Rose Gold Watch 796483462236
Contour Neon Watch 796483462205
Reset Pink Watch 796483462243
PUMA Generator 2.0 Backpack 193524137069
PUMA Generator 2.0 Backpack 193524137168
Puma Everready Backpack 192339035324
Puma Everready Backpack 192339035348
PUMA Generator 2.0 Backpack 193524137106
Core Mini Me Backpack 193524677596
Core Mini Me Backpack 193524677589
Phase Backpack 191241126465 5.0 1 5 1
PUMA x RHUDE Cap 193524517649
Archive Mid Fit Beanie 191241129800
Cameron Hip Bag 191241102919
Cameron Hip Bag 191241102933
Marnie Tote Bag 193524129040 5.0 2 5 1
Women's Mesh Grip Shoulder Bag 193524137151
Women's Mesh Grip Shoulder Bag 193524137083
Core Twin Shopper 192340572924
Women's Mesh Grip Shoulder Bag 193524137120
Core Twin Shopper 193524669171
Marnie Tote Bag 193524288037 5.0 2 5 1
Marnie Tote Bag 193524129033 5.0 2 5 1
Marnie Cinch Backpack 193524137021
Marnie Tote Bag 193524129026 5.0 2 5 1
Ombre Women's Dad Cap 193524111007
Women's Daily Cap 192339184473

Women’s Sport and Gym Accessories

When it’s go-time, you need gym accessories that will help you perform your best. Upgrade your style with PUMA’s wide selection of bags, sunglasses, hats, watches, socks and gym gear.

Our women’s running socks will keep you dry and comfortable throughout the day. Breathable materials, performance design and stylish cuts are made to complement every sneaker look.

PUMA’s selection of backpacks, duffel bags, gym bags and stylish waist bags get you through your day in comfort and ease. Go from the gym to work to school with our functional and portable bags. Or get festival-ready in our super-cute waist bags.

Explore our collection of sunglasses and watches, for performance and every day. We’ve got the essentials you need to complete your look and transition through every step of your day. Shop our women’s accessories to find your new favorites.