Sneakers For Women


Here at PUMA, it's not only about the sneakers, but so much more. Our sneakers for women are not just a pair of kicks, they're everything you stand for; unapologetically different, unafraid of standing out, and always true to themselves. Explore the collection today, from sport and running, to women's fashion sneakers that turn the streets into your own runway.
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Cali Women's Sneakers 192340913123 4.1 24 5 1
Worn by Selena Quickview
Cali Women's Sneakers 192339972513 4.1 24 5 1
Worn by Selena Quickview
Cali Women's Sneakers 192339972483 4.1 24 5 1
Worn by Selena Quickview
Cali Women's Sneakers 192339971370 4.1 24 5 1
Worn by Selena Quickview
Cali Women's Sneakers 192339972636 4.1 24 5 1
Worn by Selena Quickview
PUMA x SUE TSAI Basket Women's Sneakers 192340953297
PUMA x SUE TSAI Aeon Women's Sneakers 192341049838
PUMA x SUE TSAI Cali Women's Sneakers 192341050940
PUMA x SUE TSAI Nova Women's Sneakers 192341054412
Legacy '68 Basketball Shoes 193524818432
Legacy Dark Mode Basketball Shoes 193524818197
Incite FS Shift Women's Training Shoes 192341099468
Weave Shift XT Women's Training Shoes 192341025245
LQDCELL Shatter XT Shift Women's Training Shoes 192341074335
HYBRID Fuego Shift Women's Running Shoes 192340987025
Cali Remix Women's Sneakers 192341790792
Cali Remix Women's Sneakers 192341790822
Palace Guard Mid Red Carpet Sneakers 192341009481
RS 9.8 Cosmic Sneakers 192341871279
RS 9.8 Cosmic Sneakers 192341870036
LQDCELL Omega Density Sneakers 192341874515
LQDCELL Omega Density Sneakers 192341874270
LQDCELL Omega Density Sneakers 192341874720
Suede Classic Sneakers 192340936672 4.1 11 5 1
HYBRID Rocket Aero Women's Running Shoes 192341029243
RS 9.8 Proto Women's Sneakers 192341848813
PUMA x RHUDE Palace Guard Sneakers 192341028277
IGNITE Flash Summer Slip Women’s Training Shoes 192340909959
IGNITE Flash Summer Slip Women’s Training Shoes 192339771598
IGNITE Flash Summer Slip Women’s Training Shoes 192340885840
Clyde Court #REFORM Basketball Shoes 193524306007
Roma Amor Heritage Women's Sneakers 192341025603
Roma Amor Heritage Women's Sneakers 192341026709
Roma Amor Mesh Mix Women's Sneakers 193524387013

Sneakers for Women, A Pair for Every Moment of Your Day

Shop ladies sneakers to find a pair for every moment of your day. For your early morning run, browse Women's Running Shoes to find the latest shoes designed for performance and speed. Whether out on the open road or manoeuvring your way through the city streets, our lightweight shoes are ideal for your long runs. In Training Shoes, shop the En Pointe and IGNITE Collections for a perfect blend of style and function. Made for ultra-responsiveness, they return energy to you as you work out, ensuring an efficient workout every time.

Explore casual shoes for women in our Lifestyle collection. Find new spins on classics like our Suede collection, featuring styles for every aesthetic. For the minimalist, browse TSUGI designs, the perfect shoe for modern street style. Our sneakers come in all colors, from nudes for a subtle look, to bold red and black that stands out from the crowd.

Stay cool through the summer with PUMA slides and sandals. Wear them on the beach or dress them up for a night out.

Find the perfect pair of PUMA women's casual sneakers. Complete your look by shopping Women's clothing for lifestyle, running, and training.