SG x PUMA Ruffle Short Crew Socks [1 Pair] 12,99 USD 5.0 1 5 1

SG x PUMA Ruffle Short Crew Socks [1 Pair]

12,99 $ 18,00 $
SG x PUMA Ruffle Short Crew Socks [1 Pair]
12,99 $ 18,00 $
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The Selena Gomez collection has strength stitched into every piece. It’s inspired by, and designed for, the strong girl. Not strong in the sense of power, but strong in her passions, her expression, and strong in how she wants to leave her mark on the world. She’s compassionate, but uncompromising. Fearless, but approachable. She draws from the legacy of strong women before her to create the future she’s always wanted. You know, the strong women who challenged and questioned and carved out their own space, and who looked damn good while doing it.
Amp up your style with this sleek pair of transparent socks. Made to stand out and perfect to pair with the all new PUMA x SG Defy (or any other PUMA kicks).


  • 1 Pair of Socks included
  • Cotton blend
  • Transparent top with ruffle accent for unique, stand-out look
  • PUMA x SG branding


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Size Height
3.5-6 6
Size Height
3.5-6 14

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