Men's Classics


Explore essential styles with our Classics for men. All-time faves like our signature T7 tracksuits, PUMA Suedes, GV Special and more are updated for the next generation.
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Suede Classic Metal Badge Sneakers 192341010098
Suede Classic Metal Badge Sneakers 192341009849
Suede Classic Block Sneakers 192341045304
Suede Classic Block Sneakers 192341044239
Suede Classic Block Sneakers 192341045045
Suede Classic Sneakers 192340934715 4.1 11 5 1
Suede MIE Sneakers 192341058335
Suede Classic Ambush Sneakers 192341103387
Suede Classic Ambush Sneakers 192341102861
Roma Manchester City Men's Sneakers 193524337162
PUMA x THE GODFATHER Roma Woltz Sneakers 193524418595
PUMA x THE GODFATHER Roma Louis Sneakers 193524418489
Suede Classic Sneakers 192340936672 4.1 11 5 1
Roma '68 Gum Sneakers 192341111986
Roma '68 Gum Sneakers 192341112396
California Sneakers 192340929612
Suede Ripped Denim Sneakers 192341040866
Suede Ripped Denim Sneakers 192341040149
Roma '68 Vintage Sneakers 192341064145
Archive Life Men’s Tee 193524437541
Roma '68 Vintage Sneakers 192341065463
Archive Life Men’s Tee 193524437695
Basket 90680 Sneakers 192340900376 5.0 5 5 1
Clyde Graffiti Sneakers 192341021308
Roma Classic Dolce Vita Sneakers 192341096146
Roma Classic Dolce Vita Sneakers 192341097181
Roma Classic Dolce Vita Sneakers 192341097419
Roma ’68 OG Sneakers 192341111306 4.0 4 5 1
Roma Basic Men's Sneakers 886378702773 4.2 153 5 1
California Casual Sneakers 191242545876 3.4 9 5 1
California Casual Sneakers 191241043243 3.4 9 5 1
California Casual Sneakers 191242546262 3.4 9 5 1
Suede Trim PRM Sneakers 192341116684
Suede Trim PRM Sneakers 192341116226

Men’s Classic Shoes and Clothing

This is for all the old school PUMA fans. Explore classic styles like our signature T7 tracksuits, everyday logo tees and old school classics like the PUMA Suede, California and Roma.

Our most iconic silhouettes return with updated materials, designs and fresh collabs to re-imagine them for the future. Find everyday staples like the PUMA Suede, with classic colorways as well as special editions. Our men’s classic shoes come in low top and high top styles, with everything from our casual tennis shoes to old school running shoes. For every style, find the perfect pair of PUMAs for your wardrobe.

For every day of the week, find a fit that completes your look. Move through your day with effortless style and classic good looks. PUMA’s classic clothing for men includes some of our iconic designs like the T7 featured on tracksuits, tees and sweatpants as well as everyday basics like our archive logo tees. Rep classic PUMA style in comfort and ease. Browse our collection of Classics for men to find your new favorite classic.