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Gift Cards & Digital Gift Cards

Digital Gift Cards

A Digital PUMA Gift Card is an electronic gift card with a unique code like any other gift card. Digital Gift Cards are redeemable on, and in PUMA retail stores in the US and Canada.

To purchase a Digital Gift Card, visit our Gift Card page.

Digital Gift Card Activation

Your Digital Gift Card will be sent to the e-mail address you provide. It will be ready to use upon arrival.

Please save the email that includes your Digital Gift Card information so that you may access it. Lost emails will not be able to be re-sent by PUMA.

Gift Card Activation

To use a physical PUMA Gift Card, simply scratch off the code on the back and apply at Checkout.


To check your balance, visit our Gift Card page and click the link to Check your Balance.

When paying with a PUMA Gift Card, you must use the full amount on the card. If your order total is less than the amount on your Gift Card, the balance will remain on your card until your next purchase. If the Gift Card balance is less than the total amount, you may pay the difference with a credit/ debit card or PayPal.

Lost Gift Cards

PUMA Gift Cards should be handled like cash. If you lose your PUMA Gift Card, we are not able to replace it. Additionally, if you lose the e-mail with your Digital Gift Card information, we are unable to re-send it.

PUMA Gift Cards can be used by anyone in possession of the card or Digital Gift Card information, and PUMA is not obliged to check the identity of a person using the card.