Women's Shoes


Be bold in PUMA's shoes for women. Performance-engineered running and training shoes, classic lifestyle shoes and warm-weather ready slides and sandals will have you stepping out in style.
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Muse Metal Women’s Sneakers 191240780507 5.0 7 5 1
Roma Amor Heritage Women's Sneakers 192341026709
Roma Amor Heritage Women's Sneakers 192341025603
Aeon Heritage Women's Sneakers 192341066262
Aeon Heritage Women's Sneakers 192341065708
Aeon Heritage Women's Sneakers 192341065883
Nova Women's Sneakers 192341043065
Nova Women's Sneakers 192341042587
Nova Women's Sneakers 192341042907
CELL Stellar Tonal Women's Sneakers 192341048718
CELL Stellar Tonal Women's Sneakers 192341048879
CELL Stellar Tonal Women's Sneakers 192341049463
Muse 2 Hypertech Women's Sneakers 192341826637
Muse 2 Hypertech Women's Sneakers 192341827122
Aeon Rewind Women's Sneakers 192341067849
Aeon Rewind Women's Sneakers 192341067559
Roma Reinvent Women's Sneakers 192341852445
Roma Reinvent Women's Sneakers 192341852841
Utility Suede Women's Sneakers 192341009863
Utility Suede Women's Sneakers 192341009313
Utility Suede Women's Sneakers 192341009337
Thunder Fire Rose Women's Sneakers 192341828518
Muse X-2 Metallic Women's Sneakers 192341895794
Muse X-2 Metallic Women's Sneakers 192341895817
Muse X-2 Metallic Women's Sneakers 192341895756
RS-X Unexpected Mixes Women's Sneakers 193524134969
Muse X-2 Women's Sneakers 192341828709
Muse X-2 Women's Sneakers 192341829232
Muse X-2 Women's Sneakers 192341829430
CELL Stellar Neon Women's Sneakers 192341031888
Nova Hypertech Women's Sneakers 192341825999
Nova Hypertech Women's Sneakers 192341825593
Thunder Distressed Women's Sneakers 192341827788
Thunder Distressed Women's Sneakers 192341827559

Women’s Running + Training Shoes, Sneakers and Slides

Find a pair of PUMAs for every moment of your day. Start your day right with classic lifestyle sneakers like our Cali or Suede. When it’s time to turn up the heat, step into the superior cushioning of our running and training shoes. And when you’re lounging around the house or running errands, stay comfortable and cool with our slides for women.

Designed for all-day comfort, PUMA’s women’s shoes will get you where you need to go with ease and effortless style. Our classic lifestyle sneakers have been designed to complement your unique style with casual silhouettes, all-white sneakers, bright pops of color and on-trend styles. Explore our Classics for everyday essentials or some of our newer collections like the Nova and Thunder for game-changing looks.

Step up your gym style with our innovative running and training shoes for women. Our women’s running trainers feature HYBRID technology, an ultra-cushioning combo of IGNITE Foam and NRGY beads to deliver instant cushioning and energy return upon impact. We’ve packed each running shoe with design features that deliver support, stability and cushioning so you can train harder and focus on your workout.

If you don’t like to settle for ordinary, PUMA’s shoes for women are designed to complement your one-of-a-kind style and determination. Discover a shoe for every day, every moment and every individual.