Terms and Conditions


§ 1 Operator of the PUMA Online Shop and the Validity of these General Terms and Conditions

The PUMA Online Shop is operated by PUMA (Ostringstrasse 17, 4702 Oensingen, Switzerland). PUMA is registered with the registration court of the Solothurn district court (commercial register: CH- Managing Director is Mr. Roberto Passerini.

Only these terms and conditions apply to the sale of merchandise by us. Any other terms and conditions will only apply if they have been accepted by us.

We sell merchandise solely to end users and only in normal household volumes.


§ 2 Contract Closure

The presentation of our merchandise invites you to submit a purchase offer in the form of an order. Clicking the "Send order" button in the last stage of the ordering process issues a binding order for the products you have placed in the shopping basket. As soon as your order has been received by us, you will receive an automatically generated order confirmation by email. This confirmation does not yet represent a binding purchase contract. The purchase contact only comes into effect with the delivery of the merchandise.

Contractual partner:

PUMA Retail AG
Ostringstrasse 17
4702 Oensingen


§ 3 Accepting the Order

An order that is binding for you comes into effect when all of the data necessary to complete the contract has been entered, you have confirmed acceptance of these terms and conditions and you have clicked the "Send order" button. Up until the moment you click this button, you can change your order and the data associated with your order at any time.

We reserve the right to accept an order. The decision is made at the discretion of PUMA Retail AG. If an order is not executed, we will inform you immediately by email.
The confirmation of receipt does not constitute a purchase contract; the confirmation of receipt only documents that your order has been received by us.

We currently offer online sales in the following countries:
Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark (except Greenland, Faroes Island), Estonia, Finland, France (except overseas departments / DOM, French Guiana, Monaco), Germany (Island of Helgoland, Büsingen am Hochrhein), Great Britain (except Channel Islands), Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Luxembourg, the Netherlands (except ABC Islands), Poland, Portugal (except Azores and Madeira), Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain (except Las Palmas, Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Ceuta, Melilla, Fuerteventura, Gran Canaria, La Gomera), Sweden and Switzerland.


§ 4 Order Volume

Orders may only be placed for normal household volumes.


§ 5 Delivery and Delivery Charges

The delivery of the ordered merchandise will be made to the delivery address specified by the ordering party.

If one or more of the items you have ordered are sold out at the time of ordering, we will not be able to accept your order. We will then inform you immediately by email if this should be the case.

We offer free shipping for order values from € 80,00. A shipping charge of € 4,95 will be applied on order values less than € 80,00.


§ 6 Payment

All prices specified for merchandise in the Online Shop already contain the relevant valid VAT.

You can choose from a number of different payment types:

  • Paying by credit card (Visa, MasterCard)
  • Paying with PayPal
  • Paying with DIRECTebanking (only available for Austria and Belgium)
  • Paying with iDEAL (only available for the Netherlands)

Please note that agreements you may have with your credit institute or other institutions may result in additional costs for electronic transfers, holding an account, etc.


§ 7 Retention of Title

Until such time as full payment has been received, the merchandise remains our property.


§ 8 Cancellation Policy

Cancellation rights
You can cancel your contract within 14 days without reason in writing (e.g. letter or e-mail) or – if the goods are at your disposal before the end of that period – by returning the goods. The cancellation period begins when this information has been received in writing, but not before the recipient has received the goods (in the case of repeated deliveries of similar goods, not before the first partial delivery has been made) and not before our informational obligations have been fulfilled in accordance with Article 246 § 2 in combination with § 1 Paragraph 1 and 2 EGBGB. The cancellation period is observed by simply sending the cancellation or the goods within the stated timeframe.

The cancellation should be addressed to:

FIEGE Mega Center GmbH
c/o PUMA Online Shop
Dornierstrasse 22
49479 Ibbenbüren


Consequences of cancellation
In the event of an effective return, it must be ensured that the services received by both parties are returned along with any benefits gained as a result (e.g. advantages of use). In the event of the merchandise showing wear, compensation may be demanded. This is not the case when the wear on the goods can be compared to the type of testing that would, for example, have been possible in a store. By the way, you can avoid the obligation to provide compensation, for wear caused by using the product in a way that is not intended, by treating the items as if they are not your property and not doing anything that may affect their value. Obligations for the repayment of payments made must be fulfilled within 30 days. The deadline begins for you with the sending of the merchandise or issuing a collection request and for us with receipt of the same.

End of cancellation policy.


§ 9 Returns

We strongly advise you to use the following method of returning (you are not legally obligated to comply with this method):

  • DHL packages:
    To return goods free of charge, use the supplied package return stickers. The package can be handed in at the nearest post office.
  • UPS packages:
    Contact UPS directly to arrange a pick up time. Please ensure that the merchandise is packed and ready for dispatch and use the supplied UPS package return sticker.

    UPS Hotline:
    For the Netherlands: 0900 8 22 55 77
    For Finland: 09 2311 3406
    For Ireland: 1890 99 55 00
    For Italy: 230303039
    For Spain: 902 88 8820

    UPS PaketShop: Link

Please keep the package delivery note in the event that it needs to be traced.

If you choose another method of dispatch for your returns, you are responsible for the costs.

The address for returns is:

FIEGE Mega Center GmbH
c/o PUMA Online Shop
Dornierstrasse 22
49479 Ibbenbüren


§ 10 Guarantee

Your legal guarantee claim period is 2 years and starts with receipt of the merchandise. During this time, we will eliminate all faults that fall under the legal guarantee obligation. You can demand either the elimination of the fault, or the delivery of a fault-free item, although the right to choose may be limited by the existence of legal prerequisites. If it is not possible to provide a replacement, you may choose to withdraw from the sales contract or to accept a discount. By the way, the legal claim for damages only applies to the replacement of damages not compensation/replacement for any failed attempts on your part to repair item. In the event of a fault occurring within 6 months of delivery, it is probable that the goods were already faulty when purchased. If the fault shows more than 6 months after delivery, the purchaser is responsible for proving that the fault was already inherent when the purchased object was delivered.


§ 11 Privacy Policy

All personal data is fundamentally treated in the strictest of confidence. Your personal data is used to enable the optimum handling of the order, to deliver the merchandise, and to provide services and to handle payments. For this purpose, we pass your data on to authorised service providers and, if necessary, to associated companies.

For the purpose of payment processing the necessary data is stored both on our server and on the servers of the companies we have authorized to handle payment processing.

In addition, data, for example, name, date-of-birth and address will be passed to financial information services for the purpose of checking your credit and credit worthiness.
We obtain information on your payment history and probability values based on mathematical and statistical processes and using address data from Deltavista GmbH, Freisinger Landstraße 74, D-80939 München.

As part of credit-worthiness checks we use probability data as well as your payment history. The probability data is based on mathematical and statistical processes which include address data as well as other information. Based on this information you will be offered a range of possible payment methods during the order process.

See our Privacy Policy for additional data protection information. The Privacy Policy is an integral part of these General Terms and Conditions.


§ 12 UN Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods

German law applies. The UN convention is thus excluded.


§ 13 Provider Identification Details

PUMA Retail AG
Ostringstrasse 17
4702 Oensingen

Registered Office

Commercial Register
Solothurn, CH-

Managing Director
Mr. Roberto Passerini

Contact/manager responsible for content and operations
Mr. Andreas Hindelang