Returning Items

Deadline for Returns

You may return all items purchased in the PUMA Online Shop within 14 days of receipt of the merchandise. Please use the supplied package return stickers. Bear in mind that it is only possible for us to accept items that are returned in their original state. The merchandise may not show signs of wear. The same conditions apply to reduced price items. Please keep the package delivery note in the event that it needs to be traced.

Address for returns

We strongly advise you to use Russian Post for returns in PUMA Online shop. Please take your package to the nearest post office. The address for returns is:


150961, Yaroslavl
PO box 83


You can download return form here.

Items Purchased from Stores

Please understand that we are only able to accept items purchased in our PUMA Online Shop.


Guarantee period for all items is 30 days.

Non-return items

Return or exchange of product in appropriate quality is not acceptable in accordance with the Government Decree of January 19, 1998 № 55, including:

  • Sewing and knitting products (sewing and knitted undergarments, hosiery products);
  • Products and materials in contact with food are made ​of polymeric materials, including single- use (utensils and accessories for dining rooms and kitchen, containers and packing materials for storage and transportation of food products);
  • Cosmetic products.

Reimbursement of Merchandise Value

Reimbursement is normally completed between 3 and 5 days after we received the returned merchandise.

If you paid by cash

Please fill in the return from and choose preferable refund method – cash payment forward (by Russian Post) or your bank account refund.


If you paid by credit card or e-wallets

The value of the returned merchandise will be credited to your credit/debit card or e-wallet account.



If an item purchased in the PUMA Online Shop does not meet PUMA quality standards, you are entitled to make a claim within the legally applicable guarantee period. This also applies to items that have been reduced in price.


Please send the merchandise you wish to make a claim about and enclose a copy of the invoice on which you have listed the quality issues, with Russian Post to the address below:


150961, Yaroslavl
PO box 83


Please note that faulty merchandise should be returned to PUMA Online Shop for examination. Please contact our Customer Service under Tel. 8-800-200-1948 or send your reclamation to can only be accepted for items purchased in the PUMA Online Shop.