PUMA Social Club – generator of urban events in Moscow.
Eternal questions: what to do? where to go? what to see in Moscow this summer? - it seems that such questions never end. Therefore, PUMA has decided to ease this task of what to choose for having fun with creation of new service. With it's help any active and creative persone can participate in or organize their own events in Gorky Park at PUMA Social Club.
PUMA Social Club — an alternative space for the urban area. Place for day and night parties at the fresh air with music, active sports and socializing around the clock. The space is divided into functional areas: a mini-velodrome, skate pool, the figures for parkour, chill-out with a ping-pong table and a kicker. Under the auspices of the PUMA Social Club was a lot of high-profile events.
This season, PUMA Social Club doors are open to everyone who wants to diversify the summer weekdays and weekends with their own activities in different ways - a party or concert, contest, exhibition, performance or flash mob ... however, you can transfer up to infinity! So if you have an idea, share it with PUMA and get the opportunity to realize it in the PUMA Social Club. It is time to act!
Now everyone has the opportunity to be involved in the creation of urban events in Moscow, or even become itself as the event. So see you on billboards in Moscow and in the PUMA Social Club! #pumagorkypark
Click here to submit a request: http://specials.lookatme.ru/puma_social_club/
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