Care instruction of PUMA footwear and apparel

Care of footwear:

1. Dry the shoes after each use at the fresh air. Please remove previously the insole and the laces.

2. If your shoes are wet, it is recommended to fill the shoes with paper or use special spacers to maintain the shape.

3. Leather shoes should be washed with a special sponge or soft cloth and soap. After the drying process please polish the shoe. Footwear made from textile is recommended to polish the shoe with damp cloth in warm soapy water, or hand wash with soft brush and soap in warm water. Please rinse the shoe after washing thoroughly.

4. Footwear must be dried in room temperature. It is strictly forbidden to fast in the drying process by radiators, hair dryer, fire or other heat sources.

5. After drying, the leather shoes must always be treated with some shoe polish. Suede shoes once a month should be handled with water-repellent.


**Customer claims for defective goods are satisfied only within the warranty period and subject to the established rules for usage and storage of products.


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Washing clothes by boiling. White cotton and linen or color resistant to boiling at a temperature not exceeding 95C.
  Wash colored clothes at 60C. Cottons are not resistant to boiling, for example, fine linen of cotton or polyester fabrics.
  Wash clothes in warm water (gentle wash cycle). Wash with neutral detergent and wash colored laundry at 40C. For example, dark colored or multicolored underwear made ​​of cotton, polyester or a melange of fabrics, fine linen viscose and synthetic fibers.
  Wash in warm, almost cold water. Wash with mild detergent. For example, wool, suitable for machine washing.
  Hand wash. Textile goods, not be washed in the washing machine. Washing temperature 30-40C depending on the product. 
  Do not wash. Products that carry the mark can not be washed. You should use dry cleaning.



Bleaching with chlorine. Good hold clothes soaked for 1-2 hours in a cold chlorine solution (10-20 ml per 1 liter of water), then rinsed until no odor of chlorine. After washing with a detergent at this temperature.
Do not bleach. Do not chlorinate and do not use chlorine-based detergents and laundry detergents with bleach.



Ironing at high temperature (up to 200C). Cotton, linen, textiles to be wet.
Iron at high temperature (up to 150C). Cotton, silk, polyester, viscose. 
Iron through a damp cloth or an iron with steam humidifier.
Do not iron at high temperature (up to 110C). Acrylic, nylon, polyester, acetate.


Chemical and dry cleaning:

You can use all possible methods of cleaning.
Cleaning on the basis of perchlorethylene.
Cleaning on the basis of special solvents.
Do not dry-clean.



Normal drying.
Gentle drying.
Prohibited the use of electro-drying.