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If running is your thing, you’ve come to the right place. Not only does PUMA provide fast and cutting-edge running shoes, but we’re also equipped with a full range of running apparel and accessories. We’ve dedicated ourselves to designing comfortable and high-tech running shirts, running shorts, and running jackets. Our goal is to give you that certain edge over the competition. The IGNITE is a lightweight running shoe decked out with IGNITE Foam, PUMA's proprietary material with exceptionally responsive, energy-returning qualities to help make you faster. We have race, neutral, stability, and trail running shoes from our Faas collection, plus lightweight and breathable Carson Runners that will get you where you need to go in style. Our track spikes and running shoes, including those worn by PUMA athlete and fastest man on earth Usain Bolt, round out the collection. And don’t forget about our running apparel. We provide a collection of running tops that offer everything you need to feel (and look) great during your workout. Complete the look with PUMA’s leggings or tights, which help you kick butt whether you’re at the gym or on the track. Here at PUMA, we want you to run fast, feel good, and look good. Now go run like the wind.