Akomma nights – PUMA Warehouse Edition is the way to end the year in full JOY, Connect with other Urbanites and social animals, dance to the finest electric grooves, let loose and have a blast.

PUMA & Akomma happily invite you to the "Warehouse edition" party on Saturday, Dec. 28 in a warehouse @ Agion Saranta 7, Moschato, Athens and remind you that Next Starts now!

On Decks:

  • BAD SPENCER (YID SID / Athens)
  • LATERNATIVE (En Lefko / Popaganda.gr)
  • TOLIS Q (Quantized Music / Athens)
  • JOSE AMBA (Street Outdoors / Athens)

Share your photos of the party with: #akommapuma

Create to live and live to create.

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