A Puma fabric base material with injected TPU lugs which provides an extreme lightweight outsole and great flexibility.

A sticky rubber compound which provides excellent grip and traction on dry and wet surfaces by increased slip resistance.

Blown rubber compound which provides more flexibility and additional cushioning and comfort through the outsole. Reduces the weight of the shoe.

Rubber compound, which is especially resistant to abrasion and provides grip and traction.

Comfort Last
PUMA Comfort Last: Maximizes fit and comfort, and covers the specific anatomical and biomechanical needs of the runner.

Performance Last
PUMA Performance Last: Special PUMA last shape for lightweight running shoes. Less volume in the midfoot section save weight and provides a more snug fit for faster running

Racing Last
PUMA Racing Last: More curved and rounded bottom PUMA last with a lower instep midfoot fit for an optimized stability and hold of the foot while running at a faster pace.

Decoupled Heel Construction
Decoupled Heel Construction: Outsole and midsole geometry that decouples the impact part of the shoe from the midsole allowing for a softer ride. Lowers pronation velocity and degree of pronation

BioRide Technology
"Innovative midsole with BioRide technology, featuring three components that work together to create a naturally responsive ride:
1. Rocker: Incorporates a rocker shape for a centered heel strike and effortless toe-off.
2. Flex: Most sidewalls are raised to stabilize the foot but then restrict the flex. Our solution? We incorporated flex grooves in zones where it makes biomechanical sense to allow the foot to move naturally
3. Groove: A groove on the side of the shoe gives the foot a feel for the ground, giving you a more responsive ride."




IdCELL for improved shock absorption in forefoot and heel.

A TPU shank device that provides a stable and supported midfoot during the gait-cycle while still allowing the necessary torsional freedom and natural twist of the foot.

has been engineered to combine cushioning and stability. The cell layers, made of a super elastomer, greatly reduce the impact forces upon heel strike. The independent cells support a natural foot motion and slow the foot`s inward rotation. The result is a long lasting, softer, more responsive cushioning to help prevent injury.

M2D (medial dual density)
is a midsole feature that provides the overpronating runner with extra support. An inserted piece of firmer EVA on the medial side guides and controls the foot motion same as it helps reducing impact forces.

KMS Lite
KMS Lite: Innovative PUMA midsole that provides better cushioning and reduces weight. 30% lighter than PUMA-EVA, reduces shoe weight up to 10%

Windlass Chassis
Changes in length, height and proportion along with your foot`s natural movement.

FaasFoam One-Piece Midsole made of PUMA’s proprietary foam that is lightweight, resilient, durable and provides an extremely smooth ride through the gait cycle




TEXCARE-bamboo lining
The natural bamboo fibers benefit deodorization, moisture and thermo regulation. This new material is based on nano-technology.

Perforated EVA
The perforated EVA-construction provides a supportive fit while being soft and comfortable.

Highest quality for a maximum of breathability, ventilation and foot climate.

Reflective material
is used to make the runner more visible at night.

Extremely high breathability; optimum heat conductivity; excellent moisture management; durable waterproof protection.

Special Upper mesh material with a high degree of breathability. Lowers the risk for blisters and saves weight.




TriRate Sockliner
Performance sockliner to improve step-in feel, comfort and cushioning. The TEXCARE bamboo lining material and the base of perforated EVA offer breathability and create a healthier shoe environment.

Perforated KMS 100 Sockliner
Perforated KMS 100 sockliner with moisture wicking top fabrics for durable comfort and dry feet.




UNI construction
The outer sole and upper are stitched twice. This allows for an optimal fit and furthermore contributes to the environmental sustainability of the shoe.

Carbon Fiber
The lightweight carbon fiber plate in the forefoot ensures optimal flexibility. In addition, the differing levels of hardness make optimal pressure distribution possible by supporting the natural movement of the foot while running.

Pointed Stud Configuration
The pointed stud configuration ensures smooth ground penetration by providing optimal traction, manoeuvrability and stability.

Microfiber Upper Material
The kicking area is completely covered by a soft yet highly abrasion resistent microfiber material which offers a glove like fit and a good touch with the ball.

ConTec Upper Material
The lightweight textile material features a new texture which has been improved in terms of strength and treated with a dirt and water repellent coating.

Lace Cover
The lace cover which is hold down by an elastic strap ensures a perfect fit during the game, provides a clean, enlarged kicking area and a unique look.

The lightweight PEBAX frame provides stability.

TPU Heel Counter
External TPU heel counter for optimal heel stability and support.

EverFit Cage
A strategically placed EverFit Cage external in the midfoot provides optimal flexibility and excellent stability.

Mobium Band
Inspired by the Foot`s tendons. Is an elsticized band that runs through the outsole, the more force applied, the more spring it returns.

Adap Lite
The lightweight and super soft microfiber AdapLite upper material allows for natural foot mechanics as close as possible to barefoot kicking motion. It is stretching lengthwise with the foot to deliver maximum power, while holding its shape against lateral forces.

The lightweight AccuFoam is applied underneath the upper material and provides a clean kicking surface, thus increasing shot and pass accuracy.

Gradual Stability Foam (G.S.F.)
The G.S.F outsole technology works as a spine, delivering gradual stability from the heel to the forefoot, enabling the foot to bend as much as possible like in barefoot kicking motion.


Highly functional products meant to protect your body from impact, collision, and other potential dangers during exercise.

Highly functional designs engineered to maximize your power and precision when kicking, and improve your level of play.

Lightweight and responsive designs engineered to offer your body what it needs to move faster and help you get where you’re going when you train and play.

Highly flexible or adaptive designs engineered to enhance and maximize your body’s natural movement while you train and play.

Highly functional designs engineered to maximize your body’s stability and control during training, play and exercise.

Highly functional designs engineered to enhance your touch on the ball, and keep you in close contact during training and play.

Optimal cushioning and flexibility provides an efficient, smooth ride for the neutral runner.

Multi-directional lugs, enhance traction and durable upper materials provide protection no matter what the terrain or weather.

Stability is engineered into the midsole without added weight, guiding your foot and encouraging neutral running.

Cradle to Cradle®
Cradle to Cradle CertificateCMis a certification mark licensed by the Cradle to Cradle CertificateCM Products Innovation Institute.